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Eye in the Field

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R&D committee inspecting A frames.
Prior to the R&D Committee meeting, members checked out the progress of a range of varieties being trialled on the new A-frames at the Duranbah trial block on 21 February 2007.  These vines were planted mid November 2006. The Sweet Smother grass ground cover was planted from runners on 9 January.


Kendle Wilkinson & John Tyas HAL handoverDr Kendle Wilkinson is our new industry services manager for passionfruit HAL taking over from John Tyas who has served our industry so well for many years.  Kendall and John attended the recent R&D committee meeting and field inspection of the trial blocks at Duranbah.


John Thomas & Jay Anderson: Dr John Thomas QDPI conducted the assessment for virus status on newly planted vines at the Duranbah block early in February 2007.  John has inoculated Flavicarpa rootstock with mild strain Woodiness virus he has salvaged from the QDPI virus collection at Indooroopilly.  This strain was used in the initial mild-strain cross protection breeding work in the 1960’s.


Jay Anderson and plant breeder Peter Beal inspecting Flavicarpa x Incarnata rootstock vines for suckering.  This cross has produced outstanding vigour as well as virus and cold tolerance.  However, there are two drawbacks to its commercialisation.  It is almost infertile and only produces occasional seed and some vines produce suckers which can travel several metres


Incarnata x flavacarpa flower: While this cross does not produce fertile fruit, it produces profuse flowering of deep mauve attractive flowers making it a possible specimen for colour in backyard gardens.  Some vines of this cross however do produce suckers which is not desirable.


Paxton selection closeup: One of the selections which are showing early promise for cropping is this selection from the Nambour area submitted by Keith and Judy Paxton.  It was growing in a neighbour’s backyard and tips were grafted late 2006 before planting in the trial block at Duranbah.


Passionfruit in packaging


Passionfruit in opened plastic packaging


Passionfruit packaging assortment: Panama and purple passionfruit may look attractive in plastic packaging, however consumers said a big NO to plastic packaging in the recent consumer focus groups in Brisbane and Sydney.  When presented with a range of options for packaging passionfruit they rejected all packaging which prevented them smelling and feeling the fruit.  The aroma of passionfruit proved to be a powerful selling point and consumers wanted to be able to feel the weight of the fruit.


Passionfruit: Panamas in plastic & net bag consumers in the focus groups responded well to buying their passionfruit in net bags.  The net bags allowed them to smell and feel the fruit and were seen as value for money without the harmful effects of adding unnecessary plastic to the environment.


Ken Pegg's 70th Birthday celebration with the passionfruit R&D committee


One of the new promising selections is a very high yielder & produces fruit out of season to other purple varieties


Building the new 'A' frames at the trial block is APIA executive member Bill Mumford


Finishing the planting of new trial vines at Dbah block. Fiona Pegg Lucas Smith Jay Anderson Kathy Grice (planting) Ken Pegg John Thomas & David Peasley


The Indooroopilly DPI passionfruit team planting the last trial vine.


Outstanding cold & virus tolerance has been achieved in cross breeding program to develop new root stocks. Cuttings of this selection are to be trialled.


Keith Judy Paxton's 'Pandora' selection has been released early for commercial trial


With no care this vine has produced an outstanding yield out of season fruit, maturing in October


This vine has produced over 400 fruit & is a transplanted seedling planted near Mullumbimby Nth NSW


Bill Mumford's selection is an outstanding vine with high yields, thin skin & high pulp recovery with good cold tolerance.


Growers look at A-Frame Trellis System


APIA members at the end of the field day


David Peasley dealing with being creamed


Errol Ziser in full concentration as he unloads the passionfruit for pulping


Everyone settles down to listen to the Guest Speakers (except Ken - standing, arms waving)


Farm Walk investigates Keith's plot to be replanted


Georgie Townsend (Secretary) with Pat Woods, Executive Member for Western Australia


Group Photo at the field Day


Guest speakers from Natra Min and Ag-Nutri entertain the crowd



Judy and Keith Paxton and Kaye Bielefeld enjoy the Iron Person Action


Keith Paxton (Qld ) and David Peasley (NSW), after the Iron Person Challenge


Keith Paxton leads the group through the A-Frame


Ken unloading carefully as Theresa prepares for her Pavlova Palaver!


Kicking back that evening around the Pool


Ladies checking out the morning pick up


Looking at the A-Frame from the inside


NSW struggles under the pressure as Qld calmly lines up to get ready to catch the passionfruit in the bucket ready for the final leg.


Qld rounding the corner to bring those passionfruit to the next leg of the grueling challenge


Queensland and New South Wales Iron Person Teams


Queensland the winning Team stand proudly for the victory photo session


Scott Maltby front left is the new president of the Association


Scott Maltby presenting the winning team with their trophy