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Horticulture Australia - Passionfruit Industry Page

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Grower Information Kit

The Passionfruit Problem Solver is a pocket sized guide to be carried in the field when working. It has been designed to assist growers, consultants, agribusiness, hobby farmers and students to identify likely pests, diseases, disorders and beneficial insects in a timely manner when in the field. It also contains advice on the management and prevention of problems when growing passionfruit.

The Passionfruit Growing Guide Version 2 is the best practical reference to growing passionfruit that exists in Australia. The guide includes technical details on site preparation, plant and crop management, pest and disease prevention and control as well as financial management necessary to be successful.

These have been produced by Department of Agriculture Forestry and Fisheries Queensland. The Growing Guide is available through Passionfruit Australia and the Problem Solver will be available in the near future. A notice will be sent to all growers and advice put on the web site.

Passionfruit Growing Guide Version 2